Pheasant Project

The purpose of this project was both educational and experiential.  All who were interested could watch the miraculous formation of blood vessels within a few days in the incubator, the development of the embryo, and the hatching.  Required special care included de-beaking, and the daily care included watering, feeding, and providing vegetative cover.  Two individuals took a special interest, and a follow-up project is planned.


Our Pheasant's Parents


Pheasant Mom

Pheasant Dad
Mom Dad

The Hatching




Thirteen of Mom and Dad's eggs were placed in an incubator at 98.8° F.  On the 24th day, the eggs began to move.


Watch the movie!The Hatching
The Hatching


Growing Up

Chicks in the box          Holding a Chick


The chicks were fed commercial food and kept warm, starting at 95° F.  As they grew, temperatures were slowly reduced and additional space was provided.


Watch the movie!
Growing Up Growing Up


Moving Out

Outside Pen


An outside pen provided shelter and the next phase in preparing them for their natual environment.


Watch the movie!Moving Out Moving Out


The Releasing


Pheasant Hen          Pheasant Rooster



While not full grown and developed, the pheasants were released on the Elcam property after 12 weeks in order to accomodate their adjustment to food source and their natural environment in light of the upcoming hunting season.  While they would be missed, everyone was happy for the pheasants' new freedom.


Watch the movie!The Releasing The Releasing


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